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Whether it is white, green, black, oolong, pu-erh, smoked, fragrantly perfumed or spiced Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water. For many people it became part of everyday life, its preparation is different from country to country and sometimes even from one 

region to another within the same country. In many cases

it is not only a hot drink with a pleasant taste but it is a

way of life, a gesture goodwill, a break from the bustle

of modern life.


La Teiera Eclettica (The Ecletic Teapot) will help you

discover its many flavors and fragrances: from the

precious white Yin Zhen tea, produced in the Chinese

province of Fujian, to the Indian first flush spring harvest

of Ambootia from Darjeeling. From the Grand Bois Cheri,

a black tea from Mauritius with its unmistakable natural

flavor of malt and vanilla, to the remarkable green Lung

Ching grown in the western Chinese province of Zhejiang 

harvested pre-Qingming (before the clear light festival).

You can find tasty tea-based products: Delicious biscuits, tea jellies for sweet and savory food, honeys and jams. There is also a wide selection of items for preparing and serving tea: tea pots, teacups, infusers, tea containers and many other gift ideas. 


In the tea parlor, adjoining the store, you can choose from over 300 teas

and tisanes and comfortably savor a teapot, maybe accompanying it with

a sweet or savory fare in our relaxing and friendly environment.


Our aspiration is also to improve tea culture and tea consumption in Italy, we strive to propose a rich calendar of events, seminars, tastings, classes and courses ... obviously with tea as the protagonist!